Friday, August 14, 2009

For The Longest Time

I took a total vacation from the Blogg! Where have I been? Here, in Kamilche, and over there, in Olympia. Splitting my time between dog-wrangling and art-making. Mostly letterpressing; my pal Themba Lewis and I just finished a MAJOR poster project, funded by the City! I need to find a large-format scanner, so I can post the fruits of our (serious) labor. We had to pull some crazy late-night sweltering summer letterpress jams in Community Print to meet our August 1st deadline.. a few tears were shed in frustration, sweating over the Vandercook and trying to register everything just so. Here's one of Themba's:

And an in-process shot of one I made about pioneering environmentalist (and Oly resident) Margaret McKenny:

The magical lair, Community Print:

Also I've been doing a bit of night canoeing, watching the bioluminescent dinoflagellates glow in the oars' wake.

Mostly with this guy, when he's home from park ranger duties at Mt. St. Helens:

And what's on my plate for August/September?

1. Paint a bench for the City (i heart public arts grants!)
2. Finish the Olympia Film Festival poster/tickets/program.
3. Keep on printing!
4. Western Hymn jamming.
5. Start work for the 2010 Tacoma Public Library show.
6. New shirts for
7. Hug this guy:

8. Design cover art for Angelo Spencer's bitchin' upcoming release on K.
9. Paint cover art for Chalk Circle re-issue (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
10. Try not to panic; I will get it all done.

And with that, I leave you with a little montage of a print project I finished last week: