Sunday, March 1, 2015

Strange Trips

Clocking in for the first time in 2015. To say that my life has become totally foreign to me in the past 3 months would be a whopping understatement. But, you know... silver lining, oh-blah-di-oh-blah-dah, etc etc into infinity. So I'm moving. For a minute. 105 miles south. Then, who knows. Do you live in Portland, Oregon and have a bike you'd like to loan me for the month of March? I need to DO THINGS like haul records down to Beech Street Parlor for this real good time on Wednesday the 4th.

DJ HELL BOOKS (the one and only Chris Sutton) and DJ MISS U (points for creativity, I know!) will be playing all the hits and the non-hits and especially popular songs made weird on moog so they sound like outer space cartoon anthems. In heartbreaking news:

Rosebud departed earth to terrorize/entertain the afterlife. Very suddenly. One day she was being the insane Lumberjackal, and the next she was lackluster. Cancer everywhere. Two weeks from diagnosis to death. I loved her so.

She wasn't really allowed stuffed squeaky toys because she could eviscerate them in 5 minutes. Tennis balls and ropes were harder to destroy and seemed to suffice. But, in those past two weeks, she got every squeaky toy her little heart desired. Rosebuddy. Little Skookums. Baby. Rosebored. Rosebad. Rbud. Little Girl.

I went back to scrubby old Sun Valley, CA to scatter some of her ashes. In the thorny yard (complete with black widows) that she loved so much.

One of the first things she did after arriving as a foster puppy was eat an entire paddle off of the prickly pear. ROSEBUD!

Outside of the sadness of saying goodbye to my pup and my former life (the house is a studio now, so strange being back in my bedroom. I turned 30 there. Turning 40 this year), visiting LA was great as per usual. Check out these goofballs, all hopped up on adrenaline and LIES while playing the best punk dice game ever, Kariki.

And back in Olympia, I've been jamming with the Mona Reels, now featuring Corey + Bonus Mike of Vexx on drums and guitar, respectively. Love this group of people, and look at my old art studio! Gear debacle. Marshall storage unit. Cord chaos. Part of my life's blood.