Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crisp, Blue, Cold

We've been having our own little Fall Festival out here in Mason County (side note: did you know kids in Olympia elementaries can't have Halloween at school anymore? They have a 'Fall Festival'. So unbelievably lame.)..

Sam Ott, the Pumpkin Huntress, came up for a weekend of Kamilche fun:

We patched out.

To the max.

And here's how the halloween costumes for the Rainbow Man/John 3:16 and the Log Lady turned out:

Pretty epic!

But you know what the weirdest/creepiest part was? I grabbed this getup at Dumpster Values quickly, thinking 'this looks like a convincing Log Lady sweater'. It wasn't till later that I even noticed the giant emblem:

This is nearly the same symbol that is on Laura Palmer's ring. The Owl Cave ring. Creepy!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rainbow Man vs. Log Lady

What are you doing tonight?

If you live in Olympia, I highly suggest heading to the QB Lounge for some serious Halloween-y Dj action! Provided by:

Justin Trosper as the Rainbow Man (the nutty guy in the 70's that went to all sporting events because he was obsessed with being on television, then turned into a born-again Christian after being groped by some cheerleaders, and then ended up in jail for taking a hotel maid hostage during a bungled publicity stunt)..

..and myself as the Log Lady! I don't know if you've seen me lately, but I am totally sporting brown Log Lady hair these days. It's my winter phase.

Come boogie down with us! It doesn't matter if you dress up or not. My log does not judge.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pip, Twip, Churrr

Yesterday I headed over to Buyolympia.com H.Q. for important business. Pat Castaldo, an actual Photographer with a really nice camera, shot pics of all the work from the Imaginary Birds show. We're going to turn them (plus 5 more that I need to make) into a calendar for 2009! Here's the man at work:

And the work itself:

Monday, October 22, 2007


With great sadness I have learned of Lance Hahn's passing.

J-church/Cringer mastermind. Honeybear Records. Wonderful, sweet, funny, funny man. He had been ill for some time with heart/kidney troubles. Lance collapsed during dialysis, and never came out of his coma.

I was a teenager when Bay-area punk was coming through Olympia quite a bit. I feel lucky to have seen J-Church play at the Capitol Theater years ago, it was an amazing show! I was heavily influenced in my own musical projects by this sound, and Lance was a great supporter when my band would play in S.F.. just found this on my old Friendster page, from Lance:

Posted 07/09/2003 02:07 AM

* I met Sarah through Maggie on the Bangs
first trip to the Bay Area. Really nice
girl, of course. Here's the thing. I
remember feeling a little frustrated
watching her play because, well, she
does a lot of the same sort of riffing
I try to do. But she's SOOO much more
fluid at it then I am. At the same
time, it's never overbearing. It's
tasteful. I mean, that's sorta my area,
right? I've been playing guitar a lot
longer so by all rights I should be a
lot better than her, right? Sometimes
I'm still struggling just to sing and
play at the same time. She can sing and
riff without even looking! SO YOU CAN
FRUSTRATED... Yeah, yeah, she's awesome.

Rest in peace, my friend. XOXO.

Friday, October 19, 2007


I love a good Halloween costume. Need some ideas? May I suggest..

1. The Wino:

Items needed: 1 beret, 1 striped shirt, corkscrew, wine, and air of superiority/drunkeness. Or you could just go as Wino from the Obsessed, this guy:

2. The Televangelists:

Items needed: 1 terribly ugly gown, multiple layers of disgusting bronzing powder, mascara, eye gunk, etc etc.., a penchant for bursting out in tears, a pursefull of pills, and an equally cheezy guy.

3. Midwestern Zombie Soccer Moms:

Items needed: 1 Sam Ott, 2 matching Halloween-themed mock-turtlenecks, denim jumper and/or mom jeans, Halloween-appliqued vests, a hunger for cookies/brains, and many, many scrunchies. Minnesota accent optional.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Secretary is IN

I made a To Do list for you!

1. Read this first:

Because I know that you, like me, are a hopeless romantic masquerading as some sort of level-headed realist. This book is absolutely beautiful..Nebraska desolation, childhood freedom, the crushing way of the world, and redemption through the deepest love: friendship. I actually clutched it to my chest for a moment after I finished the last page. Get a hold of this book and read.

2. Read this next:

Especially if you've lived in Los Angeles. And double-especially if you've spent vast quantities of time in desolate, cracked-out, crumblingly beautiful downtownL.A.. walk in the shoes of Arturo Bandini, a romantic to the maxx. No one finds the sheer absurd joy in pathos, suffering, life, and the human condition quite like Fante!

3. Make soup, and eat it.

4. Find a dog, and pet it.

5. Tell me about this book:

I had wanted to read Murakami for a long time, and this was the only book of his checked in at the library. I couldn't really get into it. I finished it, because I hate abandoning anything halfway. It just seemed kind-of sucky compared to all the accolades I've heard for him. Was it the English translation? The dialogue seemed especially clunky.

6. Find a trail, and walk it.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Latest Greatest

This just in!

Introducing the Signature Owl shirt, the last of my new fall designs to arrive at buyolympia.com.. we layered translucent cyan, magenta, and yellow over white for some bleed-thru special color effects. And there's a little slice of my handwriting in the bottom right corner, reference notes that accidentally got left in, but turned out to look pretty rad. Thus, these Process Owls have morphed into ultra exclusive members-only private-edition Signature Owls!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Biz

Poketo has officially sold out of my Owl Wallet!!

That's pretty amazing.. thank you Poketo! You can still nab one while supplies last at www.sarahutter.com.. I think there are maybe 10 left? I'm starting work this week on 3 new designs.. re-worked versions of my Forest Penguin, Night Heron, and Rosy-Cheeked Finches from the Imaginary Birds show.

And here's the adult-sized No Tattoos.. Yet shirt, just added to my Buyolympia shopppe. The front:

And the back:

Little Vincenzo C. is stylin' in his kiddie version..

And just in time for winter, Reading is Sexy hoodies have arrived! Because your tshirt, messenger bag, bumper sticker, and button aren't enough:

Totally Crazy Random Side-Note: Maggie Vail texted me last tuesday to inform me that the 'Girl Geek' on the reality show 'Beauty and the Geek' was sporting the classic yellow-and-green Reading is Sexy tee! How do these things happen??

Friday, October 12, 2007

Escape from Work Mountain

I was all ready to take a big, long vacation. The kind where you don't necessarily travel, but you spend your time doing indulgent things like going to the library all day long or painting big, aimless circles for fun. I said 'October is my VACATION!'.

I should have known better than to get all proclaim-y.. because all of a sudden there's these things that need my immediate attention:

1. design logo for Revolutiongirlz.com
2. design tshirt for Pizzeria (tshirt design=free pizza forever!)
3. paint three new wallet designs for Poketo
4. commission for Elinor
5. commission for mom's friend
6. painting of Cookie the dog for Jennyrose
7. letterpressing for Natalie
8. letterpressing for A & J
9. call Sam
10. register car/get insurance
11. crown for tooth
12. basic health application
13. more yoga
14. j.t.'s bday
15. buyolympia photoshoot for new shirts
16. start paintings for 2009 calendar
17. february seattle show
18. april olympia show
19. summer s.f. show? emails
20. vacation

1. panic. zen zen zen.

In less hectic news, all of my new kiddie tees are done! They are sitting in boxes at Buyolympia.com as we speak, waiting for their photoshoot. I'm a big fan of this one, we should make it in adult sizes!:

And this one, actually, does come in adult sizes.. but only a select few of us can wear it. The front:

The back:

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thank You and Goodnight!

Wow. What a week. I am officially BEAT. Friday night I had my art opening at Room 30, and it was crazy! I ended up selling out everything which totally surprised me and was slightly overwhelming (in a good way). This guy, the Little Forest Penguin, turned out to be the star of the show:

The best part is, I earned exactly enough to pay off my root canal and crown!

All I can say is: wow.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Suckered on Cute

A lesson in misinformation: last post is fictitious. Tiger and 'cubs' owned by Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand. Trained attraction. Internet, how you betray me! Offering adorable pictures of piglets in tiger vests. Shame on you, cyberspace. At least the Hippo and Tortoise are real... I THINK.