Monday, July 1, 2013

Immortal Blobs

Played a show last night. Returned home to this scene:

Guitars snuggling on the guest bed. Cute. I've been working out on guitar lately.. trying to play at least one hour a day by myself. What have I been doing playing bass these past few years? Whoever said playing bass is easier than guitar (and that's why girls always play bass, blah blah blah) is crazy. Bass is way harder. Guitar is just easy breezy funtimes.

Speaking of funtimes, I have this giant surfboard-thing, its a 'paddleboard'. Because have you ever tried canoeing by yourself? Ridiculous! Hours and hours of paddling for a few inches of movement. And kayaks scare me.. that whole rolling thing. But, a paddleboard is just like piloting a (more aerodynamically shaped) raft. Huck Finn style. You can really cruise.

And so on the eve of the Supermoon, I plopped the board into Totten Inlet (my front yard, dreamy) and paddled to nowhere in particular. Somewhere along the way, I had the feeling I was being watched:

Acres of jellies! This photo doesn't really do the scene justice.. thousands of gelatinous umbrella-shaped animals, all out to worship the moon. I was hoping not to fall in.

So I just layed down for a while and floated around in the silence. Not a soul in sight. I made it back to the dock eventually, and walked home, and then read this depressing article. But then i read this fascinating article! And finally, I wondered what life would be like if your job title was 'Jellyfish Expert'.