Friday, June 27, 2008

Totally Modern

Big news! Big news! I finally made a website!! For years I've had the domain (thanks to my forward thinking pals at, but due to my computer confusion (compfusion? no) I never really got around to 'building' an actual website. Instead, you just got linked to my shirt/sticker/bag/zine/cornmug shoppe.. but that's all in the past! Now you can check out my paintings, go to the aforementioned shop, hang out in the bloggzone, or link to my pals, all in a one-stop-shopping dealy. I'm just like Fred Meyer. You know, 'Freddy's'.

So that's that. I'll be updating it with new work and news from time to time, and if you have any suggestions, send them my way. I still need to make some of the buttons click and links link, but all in good time. Trying to publish from a dial-up is SLOW. Plus it's finally sunny outside!

And while you're whizzing through cyberspace you should also stop by killrockstars, they're having a gigantor shirt sale and you can grab one of these classic green tees for CHEAP!! Just think how nice that color is going to highlight your deep dark tan.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Year of Living Dangerously

First post of SUMMER!! I was just holding out until we actually had some brighter times around here.. apologies for the long absence. What have I been doing? Between the dog-wrangling and paint-spreading, I've found time to attend a Logging Fest, get a tattoo, canoe under the sunshine, explore the ego and eastern thought, practice my handstands, get sweaty as hell in Bikram Yoga class, and bottle the kombucha. So basically I've been exploring the worlds of country bumpkin, rock n' roller, spiritual new-ager, pretzel-like contortionist, and nutritional home-brewer. Year 32 sure has been a weird (challenging? transforming? exciting) one!

Our pal Jon Nikki came to town from the big city and said 'I want to do something outdoorsy'.. where else could we take him besides the Shelton Forest Festival?! The highlight of the day was this guy, Dave Moses Jr.. he is one serious chopping machine. He's so good at these lumber-sports, he's actually made it into the national finals (who knew?), to be broadcast on ESPN! I had fantasies of gathering at Ernie's Fir Cone Tavern with all the lumberjacks to root him on, but it seems that axe-wielding athletics get relegated to a 7 a.m. time slot. Bummer.

Out of the forest and into the city.. our pal Marco always hosts a Friday the 13th tattoo blowout at his shop, Lit Fuse. $13 tats = bargain alert!

Of course, there's always a catch.. Marco and crew have picked out a lovely assortment for your $13 pleasure. The theme: dead comedians. Laughing on the outside, crying on the inside..

That's Carly, getting an expertly placed Sam Kinison neck-tat from Stacie, ink-slinger extraordinaire.

And that's Marco, homie since highschool and birthday-twin to boot! Are all Sept. 21st-ers obsessed with aesthetic, visuals, color, and beauty? My informal poll says YES.

And yeah, we all know I can't resist a deal. It's in my DNA. A Richard Pryor portrait for only $13? Why not?