Monday, January 25, 2010


I did a little maintenance and makeover over at ye olde website. Oddly, this default blogger template came up w/ a really bitchin' color combo, so I borrowed it for a subtle, yet valentine-y home page. Could it be that I'm favoring 'understatedness' right now? CRAZE. Now.. if only I could figure out how to post mixtape podcasts! Baby steps, Utter, baby steps. Behold:

Speaking of mixtapes, the Western Hymn album is finally available online for purchase! Both K Records and Kill Rock Stars are distributing it. Its just a few clicks away from actually being listed on the KRS site, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, grab a copy of letterpressed northwest punk rock goodness at K: go here.

And finally, a shot of what's going on in the studio as of last week. A mess, basically! I'm working on 6 big new paintings for the show Animal Abecedary, which will be up at the Handforth Gallery in Tacoma during March. My mom is in the show too!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blogg Love

Thanks to Jena from the fabulous Modish blog for featuring my prints.. rad! Snag one while you can, they are selling fast and I have another totally new batch on the horizon.

I promise to post some new work soon.. I'm in the middle of a tornado of projects! 6 big new paintings for a show in March at the Handforth Gallery, signpainting class (!), scrabble addiction, full body-mind cleanse (a totally boring but healthy way to spend January.. no sugar, alchohol, wheat, soy, fruit, root veggies, etc.), designing a wine label for Deux Punx (SO STOKED FOR THIS ONE!), letterpressing Western Hymn Lps and Cds, playing shows, getting back into the Hot Yoga practice. Whew. I'm exhausted already.

P.S. I finally watched 'Beautiful Losers' streaming online, and it was pretty inspiring.. particularly the Margaret Kilgallen part. Though I still have a lot of questions rolling around about women in the Art scene. I'm glad to see a few up front and center in this doc, but disappointed at the general imbalance.