Saturday, March 29, 2008


New addition to the shop! I Heart Public Transportation now in grown-up sizes! You can get all matchy-matchy with your little one. Or fly the flag of Pub-Trans proudly, all on your own.

And re-create the graphic in real life, just like Amber and Vinnie here. Oh, the things we have time to do in Olympia. Days move a bit.. slower.

An interesting aside: in Los Angeles, I commuted 5 days a week on public trans, taking the subway from the Valley into Downtown. Living out here in rural Mason County, I've become very car dependent. You would think it would be the other way around, no?

Though I did take a quick bus ride the other day up to the Eastside, and within 5 minutes a very drunk man fell onto my lap. Classic! That's what I'm talkin' about!

Coming soon: 3 new tshirts, heavy on the graphics and color, light on the words, summer-y goodness on it's way!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Epic Details!

Warning: This post is a WHOPPER. But I wanted to share why it is now Wednesday, two days back from my trip, and I am still so knackered my eyes will barely stay open.

I finally understand why no one in LA seems to drive a crappy car.. because one's quality of life, while battling the sea of traffic, angry humans, and a blazing sun, infinitely changes for the better when your own vehicle is not:

a. Overheating
b. Barely able to make 60 mph
c. Without the life force of Southern California: A/C.

And so it was that I managed to clock 250 miles in 72 hours, and in relative comfort, in something known as a 'Kia Optima' rental. My own LA-mobile for 3 years was Lil' Dusty, a jalopy of an '86 corolla with a serious penchant for overheating. I will admit that while I lived in the Valley under a constant canopy of 105 degrees of blistering sunshine, I actually rolled around with the heater going full blast so that the engine would cool down. Ridiculous.

Did I mention that it is snowing today in Olympia? I feel all confused.

BUT, I do want to recap my adventures in Los Angeles.. it started with sharing the most delicious thing ever, tuna tataki, at Chiba with Aaron and my pal Deanna. We dropped Aaron off at his digs, the Standard downtown, and I decided to join him in the insanity which was the rooftop bar scene, on a Friday night, in Los Angeles..
Terrible, horrifying, existentially damaging, but slightly entertaining as we watched the worst DJ's ever mixing up 'Jump Around' into 'Mr. Wendell' while the cheeztastic crowd went nuts. In the a.m. came a complete hair-overhaul courtesy of the amazing Lori in Santa Monica (I now resemble Andy Warhol with a splash of Debbie Harry and maybe some Utter circa 2001 as well). Goodbye Log Lady hair! Hello summer. Following the hair affair was some serious insane driving across 4 freeways to Glendale, to get to my beloved Brand Library a half hour before closing.

Then I raced downtown for dinner at Senor Fish with the Scheid, Kime, Dave Stone, and Aaron before hitting up the Poketo print show.. it was in full effect with people stuffed to the gills! I signed my edition of a hundred, tried to say hi to all pals, and squeezed my way out of the insanity and up to the rooftop to relax with Angie and Ted and Aaron.

Next came a 2 Chu-Hi party with the Scheid at a Little Tokyo karaoke bar, and then some slumber-party hanging in Echo Park at Chez Scheid.

This picture makes him look like a sunburned Terminator, which I assure you he is not, but I will divulge that this long-hair is probably ebaying some new Grateful Dead shirts as we speak (not kidding). We also learned that David has fans from his blog, and was 'spotted' by one at the karaoke joint! Sunday morning we hoofed it through downtown with Kime looking for eats, but apparently Easter sunday means NO BREAKFAST, so we settled for the only open spot, which was one of those coffee shops that could be so much more but totally missed the mark. Kime is a seriously talented powerhouse who not only runs Showpony but also makes beautiful paintings, which are soon to appear on Vans shoes! Inspiration.

After bidding farewell to those two crazies, I dashed down the 210 to make it to Gretchen's dog's birthday BBQ in Claremont. Which was so wonderful and relaxing and beautiful. Gretchen is one of my favorite people on Earth, and an old pal from Olympia, who is a tanned glamazon to boot (tanazon?). And not actually a nudist, as a first glance at this pic might suggest:

We looked through her collection of polaroids from 1999 and marveled at our full faces and fashion-y modness and tiny kitteness of my cat, Olive. Gretchen!!!!

We ate cupcakes and sipped beers in the sunshine, and Tara Tavi came to sit in the grass with me too!

Besides being an amazing musician (Amps for Christ), Tara is also a crafty lady and brought me an amazing Easter candy/homemade googly-eyed bunny thingamajig that was f'ing adorable. Sam M. and Tara T., Kamilche is paging you!! We want you to come camp out this summer. Along with every single other person I visited this weekend!

After the BBQ I hoofed it back to Silverlake, to have a serious dinner hang with so many pals at Tamala and Paloma's apartment. We ate delicious food, sat on the roof soaking up the smell of sweet peas and the warmth of an early LA summer (90 degrees on saturday!) while catching up and laughing and talking and laughing some more. All this, and some AMAZING rounds of Celebrity to boot. Although, I have to admit, I didn't know I had signed-up to play 'Grad School Celebrity'.. so while I'm busy filling out slips with challenging pantomimes like 'Alf', 'Mr. Peanut', and 'Danzig', my cohorts are all 'Jean Genet' and 'Fleur de Bauhauz' and 'Paso Dos Roblots' or something. I had to do some serious phonetic, 'sounds like an 80's dance move!' type of charades. This is Joanne, aka the Jo-ANIMAL.. she gets so low to the ground during Celebrity, it's unbelievable:

And this is Amanda and Joanne watching Kye try to do Simone de Mustarde, and then going 'OH! I thought you were being that blind guy from Star Trek TNG!!'

But all rad things must come to an end, and so it was that I hugged all my favorite people in LA goodbye [missing from the above pics are Tamala (Photog/Guitar Master), Paloma (Foodster/Singster), Margaret (Writer Extraordinaire/Woomon), Anna (Galaxy Tripper/Operatic), David (CalArtster/Annafriend), Julia (Weirdshadower/Kyefriend), Jesspo (Party Safari/Guitarmaestro)] and prepared for one last half-day in the city. Which turned into a sprint through the valley to procure a pound of baklava from the sweet sweet Baklava Factory out on Sherman Way, a sweaty time-crunched trip to kinko's in Burbank, and then a final stroll through the grounds of Wildwood Canyon and the Stough Nature Center:

Scrubby chaparal, a sentimental favorite. And not a soul around on such a perfect day. And what is this tree? This tree is beautiful.

The rest of the journey, as mentioned in the previous post, was a bunch of sitting around in terminals and metal tubes; no fun. And the baklava is now nearly gone. And I miss my friends! But it's still the best feeling ever to be home.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Back from LA.. besides the 3 hour delayed flight, an hour on the runway, and broken bathrooms on the airplane (i.e. ALASKA AIRLINES, ITS OVER), the trip was great! And really, really tiring as I tried to do 89 things in 72 hours. But the purpose, the Poketo print show, ruled.

I'm posting this from this from the H.Q., as our country-style dial-up is on the fritz, so a full report will be filed later! Baklava is involved.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hello LA

I'm going to Los Angeles today!

Things I'm excited about:

1. 79 and sunny
2. Poketo art show!
3. Hanging with my pals
4. Chiba sushi
5. Lebanese food
6. Brand Library!
7. Haircut
8. Sneakers, possibly
9. Revisiting the Valley
10. Downtown
11. Potlucks and BBQs

See you soon!

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Sponge

Check out today's Design Sponge! There's a nice feature about the Poketo show next weekend.

Me, I've been painting in shades of sunshine and mint, canoeing against the wind, and helping J.T. measure gigantic trees.

And getting super psyched for hanging with my LA peeps!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I forgot to mention that on the way to the ocean, we rolled through good old Aberdeen. Still as weird as ever. Halfway inspiring and halfway depressing as you can get. And harboring leftover food relics of the 1980's:

Or is flavored popcorn making a comeback, and I'm just out of touch?

Monday, March 10, 2008

In Like a Lion

Spring is totally sproinging. Not to say that we are frolicking around in wildflower-covered fields under a comforting sunshine; it's still rainy and grey, but something is.. different. That frosty nip has moved on, and little bits of green are materializing here and there. Baby cows are popping up on all of the freeway farms.

And we went to the ocean. It was perfect, beautiful. The northern part of Washington's coast is one of my favorite places to beach-out, it's all driftwood-y and rugged and lonesome. Lonsesome in a good way, like when you go swimming and no one else is in the lap pool. You know?

...and look at this goofball:

Hilariously cute. I can't believe she just turned 4!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Expressionist Jockeys

I'm on a bit of a tight schedule.. we've just come back from the ocean and are on our way downtown for the Saturday Boogie Expression! Or whatever me n' Justin's DJ night is called. Suggestions?

But I just wanted to post a quick studio update. So you know that my army of Kombucha empties is steadily growing:

And that my daily spacing out on the birdfeeder behind the computer has translated into these little guys:

Tomorrow: Beach pics, and some thoughts about Snake Plissken.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Best Female Snowshoers

We went snowshoe-ing again! To Mt. Adams, where there is a cozy lodge and some giant ponderosa pines and plenty of snow:

Justin foraged for edibles in the woods (pinecones=not edible)..

..and we drove eastward to the land of giant vistas/circling vultures/aluminum roofs. Southern Central Washington is a vast and mysterious place. I like it.

We headed to Goldendale, to the observatory..

..which was closed, so Justin gave a pretend science lecture in front of the big screen. I learned all about puffy jackets and baselayers and wool socks.

And upon returning to civilization, I headed to the library and discovered that I had been named one of the 'Best Female Guitarists of All Time'! Which is crazy.

Because I have been snowshoe-ing twice this year, and that is double the amount of times I have even played guitar in 2008. Am I missing my calling?