Monday, March 3, 2008

Best Female Snowshoers

We went snowshoe-ing again! To Mt. Adams, where there is a cozy lodge and some giant ponderosa pines and plenty of snow:

Justin foraged for edibles in the woods (pinecones=not edible)..

..and we drove eastward to the land of giant vistas/circling vultures/aluminum roofs. Southern Central Washington is a vast and mysterious place. I like it.

We headed to Goldendale, to the observatory..

..which was closed, so Justin gave a pretend science lecture in front of the big screen. I learned all about puffy jackets and baselayers and wool socks.

And upon returning to civilization, I headed to the library and discovered that I had been named one of the 'Best Female Guitarists of All Time'! Which is crazy.

Because I have been snowshoe-ing twice this year, and that is double the amount of times I have even played guitar in 2008. Am I missing my calling?