Monday, August 25, 2008

Painting Music Yes Now!

Portland! I'm a'comin'!! Next Monday, 9/1, for this amazing group art show curated by the fabulous Michelle Kline! PLUS, I'll be playing solid soul/funk/foreign voices for your dancing pleasure from 7-9 pm! Hope to see you there, MANIACS!

" G E T T I N G T H E R E "
a m a p s h o w
m o n d a y S e p t e m b e r 1 s t
T I G A - 7 p m
1 5 t h & P r e s c o t t
s o u l / f u n k / p s y c h j a m s . . . d . j . m i s s U !
moe bowstern : nikki chapman :
teena davies : joseph derouselle : david earle :
jennifer gleach : anna huff : michelle kline : warren lee : matt lindsay : wade metheny : tara jane o'neil : jane paik : teresa robinson :
danny sasaki : geoff soule : sarah utter : elizabeth venable :

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Post-Summer Vacation

California.. I'm a'comin'! Just got my ticket for October.. what will we do??

1. Eat up all the deliciousness of L.A.: Baklava at the Factory, Tuna Tetakki at Chiba, Falafel at Carousel, guac and horchata at Poquito Mas, Forever Young Salad and Flax Tea at Leonore's.. the list is endless!

2. Hike in the Verdugo Hills, watch over the Valley, stare at the giganticness.

3. Roof party/potluck Part II at Tamala's!

4. Picnic at the Brand Library/dig through old logo books from the basement.

5. Art!

6. Hug all friends.

7. Maxx/Relax..

Can't wait!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I, Rearrangement Servant

Lots of exciting things to look at and digest! First of all, Tobi V.'s got a new blog thing going on: The Bumpidee Reader. Full of interesting book reports and article blurbs by a revolving cast of editors.. as soon as I get a moment away from the studio, I'll be making a contribution here and there (i.e. 'Garfield Takes the Cake' or 'The Grandiloquent Dictionary').

And then, there's the new issue of ANP Quarterly (attn Olympia: possibly still available at Phantom City!), which always pleases. I mean, this thing is totally accessible and interesting and varied and could totally cost $18, but it's FREE! This issue features Joshua Ploeg (our favorite Olympia ex-pat traveling vegan chef), Kenneth Anger, and the very inspiring work of Tauba Auerbach..

The Whole Alphabet, From the Center Out

Reflectera II, Reconfigured Typewriter

Yes No Morph I

Auerbach is a former signpainter (and Stanford Art Grad) who redesigns alphabets, reveals anagrams, and uses mathematical codes to sort out dots and patterns. I love the color. And, because I'm a word-nerd, the content too. Excellent work.

I wonder if she is a fan of one of my favorite cyberspots, the Anagram Generator?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

See You In The Pit


Sam McPheeters and Tara Tavi perform at Phantom City Records! 306 4th Avenue, Olympia.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ice Cream For Breakfast

I saw these excellent things floating around in cyberspace today:

By Keith Shore, available here.

And this amazing show of 100 miniatures by Susie Ghahremani in Los Angeles.. go!

Stuff n' Stuff

This is a 20-pounder. A king salmon, caught by Justin out in the rough waves past Ilwaco. Delicious feasting for the next month! Actually, this is just half:

This is a dog who loves his Body Pillow,

And this is my mess. Note the in-progress painting of the Kamilche Shores Nature Trail, for Michelle's group map show in Portland next month!

This is a steady diet of brown rice and wakame:

These are the very good books I just picked up at the library. I highly recommend the stories by Leni Zumas!

And this is a very good reason to live in Olympia. Free, delicious Artesian water, always flowing, 24 hours a day, from a pipe in an old parking lot downtown.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pomona Represent

My pals Sam and Tara are coming to town on a reading/dulcimer tour!! I spent the day in Community Print letterpressing flyers..

I want to see all of you Olympians at Phantom City! Sam and Tara do not disappoint. Perhaps there will even be cupcakes. Or a pinata. Or a cupcake-filled pinata.

I've noticed that whenever I'm a little stressed out, I divert my attentions to printmaking. It's so manual and satisfying and time-consuming. I can spend a day putting little metal spacers between wooden letters and completely ignore the fact that I have committed to not one, but TWO, art shows within the next 8 weeks. Because, obviously, I am a lunatic.