Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shake Rats

Quick trip to the coast last week. Did you know there's a small town in Washington called Aloha? Right next to Pacific Beach. The cloud scene was stunning:

Took the dogs for some much needed running/seagull chasing. Such a regal snout:

And this coastal amanita was just sitting there, all giant and crazy looking, on the path to the beach. As big as a baby's head. Perfectly sized for an oceanic gnome to sit upon..

Cheating the weather; leaving just before the sky filled up with grey.

Back at home, something exciting showed up in the mail!


Live Leaves, a document of the final Unwound tour in 2001. Up for pre-order here. Letterpressed by yours truly at Community Print. Final note: Will someone please buy the Aloha Tavern? Its CHEAP.

'If You're Into Grunge'

You guys, I think I just found the best thing ever, right here on my way to bed. I'm not sure which weird vein of internet boredom and sleuthing led me to this; a review of a 7-inch I recorded in Calvin's basement and put out on K Records when I was 19. Behold: Plastique!

"The LP (ed. note: its actually a 3-song 7-inch) is pretty good... if you're into 90's grunge. The Plastique sound replicates a very stoned Nirvana with a girl lead. Their lyrics are yummy, the sound/quality of the sound sits just where it should, and the  only thing this album leaves me with is a thought of, "I want more." "De-Real" is almost non-existent and unimportant compared to "Xanax, baby" and "the K-I-L-L"... so why they named their album (ed. note: 7-inch!) after it is beyond me. But the songs make up for what "De-Real" lacks: catchy phrases, and upbeat music that makes you pretty sure this band needs some Zoloft."

Polaroid of the artists needing mind drugs? Lucky 7 basement, 1995. 

Perfect review! Yes, perhaps we did need mood help. Also: note to the reviewer.. I did go on to play a song called 'I Want More', so I hope your wishes are satisfied! I do what I can (paint things, play music), with what I have (skills in letterpress, making flyers, goofing around on guitar leads), where I am: Olympia, Washington! (Ok, technically I'm in Kamilche, or Shelton, or Mason County. No matter.)

And today I'll be jamming with two youngsters. Excited to see what happens. My guitar skills are.. rusty? Dormant. Volcano-style.