Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shake Rats

Quick trip to the coast last week. Did you know there's a small town in Washington called Aloha? Right next to Pacific Beach. The cloud scene was stunning:

Took the dogs for some much needed running/seagull chasing. Such a regal snout:

And this coastal amanita was just sitting there, all giant and crazy looking, on the path to the beach. As big as a baby's head. Perfectly sized for an oceanic gnome to sit upon..

Cheating the weather; leaving just before the sky filled up with grey.

Back at home, something exciting showed up in the mail!


Live Leaves, a document of the final Unwound tour in 2001. Up for pre-order here. Letterpressed by yours truly at Community Print. Final note: Will someone please buy the Aloha Tavern? Its CHEAP.