Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Future Perfect

Haven't been updating this thing regularly, apologies! It comes in spurts and fits (my ability/discipline to write/document the day-to-day). New Years was nice.. quiet, a few good friends trekked out Kamilche, and we rang in 2013 with some dice-rolling and cheese-feasting. Today the skies are crisp and blue with the occasional adolescent bald eagle cruising by; Totten Inlet is calm, serene. Mason County life! Its a beautiful place.
There is something very, very exciting coming up in my life in 2013. I'm going to Africa! Kenya, to be specific, and Nairobi/Mombasa to be even more specific. Jt and I are traveling halfway around the world to visit old friends from Olympia that are living the dream in Africa. I'm most excited to see wildlife, and to taste crazy food, and to visit a continent that I have not step foot upon. What will swimming in the Indian Ocean feel like? I've missed the Southern Hemisphere, haven't been down that way since 2001! Wild.
So that's the gist of it. More art, hopefully more music, and definitely more traveling!