Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Studio!

Tucked away on the westside of Olympia, you'll find my new art studio..

Follow the signs!

Owned and operated by Jami Heinricher, The Sherwood Press (opened in 1940!) lives in a beautiful little pocket of forest, right above Capitol Lake.

For letterpress nerds, its a slice of heaven! Behold: The Heidelberg.

 Cuckoo and cuts:

And Sketch, the studio pup!

My space lives in the new building next to the letterpress studio, 'The Bindery'.

I'm renting this sweet little loft, it has excellent potential (and a door that opens to Nowhere) :

View from below:

View from above!

To quote Annie: The Musical.. I think I'm gonna like it here.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Dog Days

I just scored a dreamy new art studio. Pictures to follow, as soon as I kick this summer cold and can get out of bed. Its up in the trees next to a beautiful historic letterpress studio. Heaven. 

Summer is FINALLY here, but I'm too sick to participate. Hopefully this weekend I'll round a corner and get on the water, or at least sit outside in the sunshine. Sunshine + me = bliss. I missed the county fair, I missed the rad garage show, and I have been living an extremely clean and healthy lifestyle the past few weeks (you can dig deeper if you have any urge to see how a monk with a skin rash eats/drinks/gets moody). Coffee, I'm coming for you.. in 19 days.