Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mime Machine

Well, it turns out I am a terrible blogger after all. My camera is broken, but that's not really a proper excuse. I think something about stupid Spacebook and their extremely addictive scrabble application has usurped my energy for posting daily updates over here. Lame! I will say it here and now: I'm coming back to the land of BLOGGG!

I had an awesome art show in Portland, and Mecca Normal blew us all away (as usual). I really need to get some personal trainer tips from Jean.. holy moley, nice guns!

Two brave folks bought a painting of an ECHIDNA, one of the world's only egg-laying mammals. Whoa.

And then I went on tour with Western Hymn. West Coast Extravaganza! Since the camera was broken I will give you a brief rundown:

1. The van needs a name. Space Goblin?
3. Merch trends are weird. No one likes tshirts?
4. I ate a burrito in the Mission.
5. So many awesome friends and all of their awesome cats and dogs and hamster/chinchillas.
7. and parlayed that into a really bad mood in Oakland.
8. Bezerkely!
9. Los Angeles and the outlying area is where all of my best friends live.
10. I love playing music live.
11. A row of pelicans working in formation over the waves of No Cal.
12. Phil's coffee is the best, but man: it is made out of CRACK CAFFEINE.
13. I am 34 and have a hard time staying up till 3 am every night (worth it, though).
14. Home sweet Kamilche.