Saturday, August 23, 2008

Post-Summer Vacation

California.. I'm a'comin'! Just got my ticket for October.. what will we do??

1. Eat up all the deliciousness of L.A.: Baklava at the Factory, Tuna Tetakki at Chiba, Falafel at Carousel, guac and horchata at Poquito Mas, Forever Young Salad and Flax Tea at Leonore's.. the list is endless!

2. Hike in the Verdugo Hills, watch over the Valley, stare at the giganticness.

3. Roof party/potluck Part II at Tamala's!

4. Picnic at the Brand Library/dig through old logo books from the basement.

5. Art!

6. Hug all friends.

7. Maxx/Relax..

Can't wait!