Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I, Rearrangement Servant

Lots of exciting things to look at and digest! First of all, Tobi V.'s got a new blog thing going on: The Bumpidee Reader. Full of interesting book reports and article blurbs by a revolving cast of editors.. as soon as I get a moment away from the studio, I'll be making a contribution here and there (i.e. 'Garfield Takes the Cake' or 'The Grandiloquent Dictionary').

And then, there's the new issue of ANP Quarterly (attn Olympia: possibly still available at Phantom City!), which always pleases. I mean, this thing is totally accessible and interesting and varied and could totally cost $18, but it's FREE! This issue features Joshua Ploeg (our favorite Olympia ex-pat traveling vegan chef), Kenneth Anger, and the very inspiring work of Tauba Auerbach..

The Whole Alphabet, From the Center Out

Reflectera II, Reconfigured Typewriter

Yes No Morph I

Auerbach is a former signpainter (and Stanford Art Grad) who redesigns alphabets, reveals anagrams, and uses mathematical codes to sort out dots and patterns. I love the color. And, because I'm a word-nerd, the content too. Excellent work.

I wonder if she is a fan of one of my favorite cyberspots, the Anagram Generator?