Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Corn Jumble

I wanted to design a mug for, so people could take a re-usable mug to their favorite coffee joint instead of wasting all those paper ones. Then I started thinking about plastic, and that ordering a bunch from across the globe wouldn't make much sense either.. and I found an a-MAIZE-ing alternative!!

Behold, the corn cup. Made of biodegradable, 100% U.S. farmed corn-plastic. And they're quite substantial! Plus it has kind of a weird 70's-Euro vibe that I'm into.

Here's a sample of what I'm working on in the 'stude.. bird portraits in color. With letterpress calls! Debuting in the end of April, in Olympia. And soon to be peddled worldwide for a 2009 calendar. Exciting!

Last on the New Projects pile is a collaboration with Heather from Paperdoll Fashion. She makes incredible hand-sewn hoodies, tunics, and jackets.. and this spring she'll have Egyptian-themed pieces incorporating some patterns I've been making. Like the Pyramid Jumble: