Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been a bad blogger as of late; it's true. And probably a questionable punctuator and apostrophe-user to boot.. BUT, I'm back! I pledge to update daily or semi-daily or bi-daily or whichever happens first. I'm in a head-to-toe paint mode right now, spending my days at the 'stude (that's studio for you non-'breviators) engaged in a 10-part salute to imaginary birds. First, however, I had this little project to complete:

It's Mr. Lumpy!! A commission for my pal Steve, of his fearless Lumpers. The Lump is a legendary guy.. he once sauntered home to lounge on the porch complete with a GIANT leg trap clamped down on his paw; someone had set it for coyotes. All casual, like "'sup bros, I had a late night. oh, what's this? just something i stepped on. no bigs." Mr. Lumpy, we salute you! And for all interested pet-lovers, I will be taking portrait commissions again beginning May 1st. Email for de-TAILS. Oh man.