Monday, October 22, 2007


With great sadness I have learned of Lance Hahn's passing.

J-church/Cringer mastermind. Honeybear Records. Wonderful, sweet, funny, funny man. He had been ill for some time with heart/kidney troubles. Lance collapsed during dialysis, and never came out of his coma.

I was a teenager when Bay-area punk was coming through Olympia quite a bit. I feel lucky to have seen J-Church play at the Capitol Theater years ago, it was an amazing show! I was heavily influenced in my own musical projects by this sound, and Lance was a great supporter when my band would play in S.F.. just found this on my old Friendster page, from Lance:

Posted 07/09/2003 02:07 AM

* I met Sarah through Maggie on the Bangs
first trip to the Bay Area. Really nice
girl, of course. Here's the thing. I
remember feeling a little frustrated
watching her play because, well, she
does a lot of the same sort of riffing
I try to do. But she's SOOO much more
fluid at it then I am. At the same
time, it's never overbearing. It's
tasteful. I mean, that's sorta my area,
right? I've been playing guitar a lot
longer so by all rights I should be a
lot better than her, right? Sometimes
I'm still struggling just to sing and
play at the same time. She can sing and
riff without even looking! SO YOU CAN
FRUSTRATED... Yeah, yeah, she's awesome.

Rest in peace, my friend. XOXO.