Friday, October 12, 2007

Escape from Work Mountain

I was all ready to take a big, long vacation. The kind where you don't necessarily travel, but you spend your time doing indulgent things like going to the library all day long or painting big, aimless circles for fun. I said 'October is my VACATION!'.

I should have known better than to get all proclaim-y.. because all of a sudden there's these things that need my immediate attention:

1. design logo for
2. design tshirt for Pizzeria (tshirt design=free pizza forever!)
3. paint three new wallet designs for Poketo
4. commission for Elinor
5. commission for mom's friend
6. painting of Cookie the dog for Jennyrose
7. letterpressing for Natalie
8. letterpressing for A & J
9. call Sam
10. register car/get insurance
11. crown for tooth
12. basic health application
13. more yoga
14. j.t.'s bday
15. buyolympia photoshoot for new shirts
16. start paintings for 2009 calendar
17. february seattle show
18. april olympia show
19. summer s.f. show? emails
20. vacation

1. panic. zen zen zen.

In less hectic news, all of my new kiddie tees are done! They are sitting in boxes at as we speak, waiting for their photoshoot. I'm a big fan of this one, we should make it in adult sizes!:

And this one, actually, does come in adult sizes.. but only a select few of us can wear it. The front:

The back: