Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Biz

Poketo has officially sold out of my Owl Wallet!!

That's pretty amazing.. thank you Poketo! You can still nab one while supplies last at I think there are maybe 10 left? I'm starting work this week on 3 new designs.. re-worked versions of my Forest Penguin, Night Heron, and Rosy-Cheeked Finches from the Imaginary Birds show.

And here's the adult-sized No Tattoos.. Yet shirt, just added to my Buyolympia shopppe. The front:

And the back:

Little Vincenzo C. is stylin' in his kiddie version..

And just in time for winter, Reading is Sexy hoodies have arrived! Because your tshirt, messenger bag, bumper sticker, and button aren't enough:

Totally Crazy Random Side-Note: Maggie Vail texted me last tuesday to inform me that the 'Girl Geek' on the reality show 'Beauty and the Geek' was sporting the classic yellow-and-green Reading is Sexy tee! How do these things happen??