Friday, October 19, 2007


I love a good Halloween costume. Need some ideas? May I suggest..

1. The Wino:

Items needed: 1 beret, 1 striped shirt, corkscrew, wine, and air of superiority/drunkeness. Or you could just go as Wino from the Obsessed, this guy:

2. The Televangelists:

Items needed: 1 terribly ugly gown, multiple layers of disgusting bronzing powder, mascara, eye gunk, etc etc.., a penchant for bursting out in tears, a pursefull of pills, and an equally cheezy guy.

3. Midwestern Zombie Soccer Moms:

Items needed: 1 Sam Ott, 2 matching Halloween-themed mock-turtlenecks, denim jumper and/or mom jeans, Halloween-appliqued vests, a hunger for cookies/brains, and many, many scrunchies. Minnesota accent optional.