Saturday, September 13, 2008

Last Summer Fling

Epic canoe trip: North Cascades, Ross Lake. 30 miles of paddling; island camping, hammock time. Flora, fauna, food. Icy waters, hidden grottos. Lightning Creek, waterfalls, ravens: Paradise!

I don't think I've fully absorbed the concept of 'packing lightly'.. which is where canoe camping comes in handy. Check out the Orange Lady! Loaded to the gills. What's in there anyway? Food. Plenty of food. A small library. And a hammock.

We seriously lucked out on weather. Perfect blue skies. Calm waters. Starry canopies..

..and then this guy made an appearance:

Tinfoil Hat Man! Protecting his mind from those pesky transmissions. Actually, that thing is called a 'Pot Parka'.. but which Justin will simply call The Cozy.

I started plotting a Mountain Yoga Canoe camp, and taking promotional pics for the brochure. Here we have the Balancing Stick Pose. Good for getting your heart rate up. But then, as usual, my camera died! Right there on day 3. It has issues with the concept of 'moist mountain air'.

Luckily I had already snapped off a pick of this little pal. The SUPER SOLAR SHOWER. Quite simply, the best camping invention. Ever.

Our home on Cougar Island. Luckily, no cougars in sight.

But we spotted this brave swimming visitor from the mainland the next day on Ten Mile Island. Can you see her?

Justin multi-tasked by fishing and bathing simultaneously; sadly, our dream of a trout and cornbread dinner never materialized. Though there were a couple big lunkers that got away (I swear). Piece of advice: when fishing in Ross Lake, the Dick Nite is a sure bet. You angler-types know what I mean..

..and then, right as you start to get really in the canoe-camping 'zone', at peace with the daily loading and unloading, the camp-buiding and tearing down, the eating of smores and cous-cous, the fatigue of 'Paddlers' Shouler', the battles with mosquitos and deer mice, the dirt under nails and grease in hair, well.. it's time to go home. Thank you to the lake, the osprey and eagles, the sound of the owl in the night, the waterfalls and lodgepole pines. Hope to see you next year!