Saturday, November 13, 2010



I have made a really sad 10 posts this entire year to blogger! Holy WOW, that is crazy. An extreme downward trend, much like the economy, and much much like the amount of daylight available to northwest-dwellers lately. Crummy.

I knew I was being aloof.. floating around in the woods of Kamilche and working in the dark recesses of Community Print. But truthfully, it took just glancing at those stats to realize that i have been in a weird space. Depression is a rough word that I don't like to throw around, so I will just say 'weird space' for now.

I didn't write about our dog Otis dying or Natalie dying or the time that I've spent since Natalie's death with her son Dillon, and her husband Dee. I haven't been painting, just working quickly with letterpress, trying to keep afloat, and yeah I also played electric guitar again for the first time in 5 years, that was something! Now we're looking down the barrel of a long deep dark Olympia winter, and I'm trying.. going back to Hot Yoga (best therapy for this brain and body), getting back in the painting zone, and borrowing lots of instructional videos from the library. Should I Master the Bullwhip? Fish for Elusive Steelhead? Learn the Secrets of Ninjitsu??

I think I'll just be psyched that my community is amazing, and that New Things are happening constantly.. like Wild Flag, like getting a plane ticket to Maui, like walking my dog Rosebud on the most perfect unbelievably sunny and crisp November day, with Mt. Rainier peaking out above the treeline, across the inlet, sneaking into my Mason County viewpoint to remind me of big, big things that blow up and stand still and guard over our little world with precise beauty and soothing familiarity.

Wild Flag at Northern, Olympia Washington, 11/10/10 from sarah utter on Vimeo.