Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Touch of Today

My painting style is really tight and picky and perfectionistic. Although I love painting, I was starting to question whether or not I actually found it enjoyable.. or if it just appealed to my self-torturing Virgo side. So I've begun an experiment, and its FUN! It turns out that I do like painting!! This experiment involves busting out a fast, loose piece when I get to my studio. And using the pallette knife a lot to mess up the image, which I LOVE. Since I have a big pile of discarded Lp's laying around (I collect them from the recycle pile at Rainy Day Records and usually cut them up as backing for my letterpress prints), those became the source materiel. No masking, no thinking, just painting. Here are some pieces from a little series I've started calling Ladies of The Dollar Bin:

Tammy Wynette, Greatest Hits

Nancy Wilson, A Touch of Today

Donna Fargo, The Happiest Girl in The World

Fun fun fun.