Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jazzy Enjoy

Well, well! Look what the internet brought me today.. I've made it onto Thurston's jazzmaster! Tae Won Yu, did you take this picture?

High honor.

Speaking of guitars, someone who likes me very much gave me a Nano Muff pedal for my birthday. It sounds sooooo gooooood with the SG and the Marshall 50Watt. 'Creamy' is one of my least favorite adjectives, particularly in relation to musical instruments, but yeah.. its quite smooth. Super sustain! Now I can really work on my Ron Asheton impersonation, or even 'Who's That Lady'-era Ernie Isley!

And now its off to work. I've pulled six shifts this week! I've muddled through god knows how many pounds of limes. I'm taking next week off: too much jobby-job and not enough art/music gives me a case of the sads. Oh! One more souvenir from this week - my contribution to our community's 40 Days of Kindness campaign for the staff and patrons of downtown Olympia's Planned Parenthood. They have to put up with the moping pro-lifers who park in front of their building w/ the mutilated fetus billboards, so we take turns showering the office with gifts. I made a last dash to the neighborhood flower farm for dahlias:

Thank you Planned Parenthood! Love, Olympia.