Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday is for Lovers

Oh, letterpress. Succubus of my time. I love the old-fashioned mechanics of pulling a giant piece of rolling metal over slugs of lead type so much, I tend to forget all about my other gigantic pile of TO DO. But it is so satisfying. Behold, new flyers for the Devon Williams/Mona Reels show!

Devon plays reverb-ed, ghost-pop songs of love. I won't even mention how we first met.. (ok: while sharing the karaoke mic over a rendition of EMF's 'Unbelievable!' in a spray-painted concrete box located in the middle of Ohio). Joining him in a northwest mini-tour are the great great great Mona Reels. My favorite band in Olympia. Peter David writes these incredibly poetic, biting, and downright winsome songs backed by his multi-instrumental talent and the sisters Schief on girl-group vocals. Magical. See you on Sunday? I hear the sensational Miss Sam Ott will be in town!