Friday, December 21, 2007

Moldy Good Times


The blogging may be sparse for a bit.. the holiday crunch is upon us. I've been trying to finish a million projects, namely one big commission that will hopefully be ready in time for it's recipient by xmas. This might be wishful thinking, but the Virgo in me says It Can Be Done! Really, all I want to be doing right now is cozy-ing up with a toddy in front of the fire while reading Simone de Beauvoir's 'When Things of The Spirit Come First' or perhaps just zoning out on some claymation snowman follies.. but yeah, 'When Matters of The Work Come First' is kind-of my little tome right now.

BUT, guess what? I am going on a forced vacation! Our house has been attacked by a terrible mold, which in itself is quite awful. However, as an unexpected moldy bonus, we have to vacate the premises for two days while a clean-up occurs.. time to head to the ocean! There is a cabin, a beach, two dogs, the Columbian Cafe, and getting all maxxy-relaxxy in my immediate future. Rejoice!

Wishing you a fresh, scrubbed, and mold-free 2008!