Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Baby

Looks like someone did just a wee bit of over-partying on New Year's Eve:

It's been an eventful year! What with the big move, Justin's school career, and my continual paint party (not to mention the recent strangeness of something called Mold Remediation).. I'm a little tired. But it's so excellent to recap all of the Greatest Hits of 2007:

Seeing Tinariwen play live in Seattle.
My new studio; The Dumpster Values/Community Print/Phantom City complex.
Painting 5 days a week.
Justin Trosper, my incredible friend/partner. The inspiration I get from him.
The continued incredibleness of Ask Aaron to see the graph.
Learning to letterpress print. Becoming addicted to printmaking.
Moving the family to Kamilche. 20 hours, 1 Toyota, 2 angry cats, 1 dog, caffeine.
Walking in the woods everyday.
Rosebud wasn't hospitalized this year; nothing short of a miracle.
Becoming a crazy soul/reggae/funk/psych/punk Dj team with Justin.
Aaron and Jenne’s anniversary party.
Visit from Tamala.
Visit from Amanda.
Visit from Dave Wilcox.
Visit from Dave Stone.
Visits from Anna and Jane.
Visits from Margaret and Luke; taking in the Mason County fair with them.
Poketo making wallets out of my paintings! So rad.
Art show at Room 30/hanging with Stefan, October.
Making new friends online: the power of blogs!
Getting my tooth fixed. Becoming a fan of dentistry.
Justin karaokeing the Doobie Bros in Michael McDonald's falsetto last week.
My sudden irrevocable addiction to Hot Yoga and the Hot Yoga Olympia studio.
Massively strong quadriceps (see above).
Ringing in the New Year’s at Kamilche, with friends new and old.

And with 2008 officially underway, I smell copious amounts of creative and dextrous activity. Justin will be going to Evergreen starting in the Spring Quarter-- congrats! I'm heading to LA in February to participate in a big crazy Poketo group art show (To my LA peeps:let me know what we will do/see/eat/hear!), and showing work in Scotland, and having an art show in Olympia in April, and and and and and.. so much to make. It's exciting!!