Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lessons in Cryptozoology

Guess who showed up in town!

That's Bob Gimlin, one of the two guys who shot the infamous Bigfoot film in 1967:

The museum in Olympia brought him, along with some very other interesting speakers, to tell the public what they know about this elusive creature. Northwest culture!

This is a 'body print' that the BFRO (that's Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization to you) made after studying a possible Sasquatch habitat near Mt. St. Helens. It's a little hard to see without the experts explaining it, but it shows a very large, ape-like creature laying on it's side. There were scientists involved in this.

Outside there were amazing Bigfoot tracking mobiles:

And other assorted weirdos, although the pilot of this car apparently didn't even know there was a giant Sasquatch consortium going on nearby! She was just trying to get her glasses fixed at the downtown optician.

We also went to an 'Ethnic Fair' where we talked to Swedes and Peace Corps veterans, ate croissants at the French Bakery, picked up the new Robert Wyatt record, letterpressed, and Dj'd until the wee hours. Another day in Olympia!