Thursday, May 8, 2008


In my town there is something of a mass exodus going on. An evacuation of friends, a collective flight of those who have grown out of our sleepy little burg. And with this migration south comes one of life's inevitabilities that I must learn to accept: eventually, everyone moves to Portland. Everyone talented or interesting or productive, from Olympia, that is.. I mean, even is moving to PDX next month! I want to make a shirt to sell on Buyoly that says 'DON'T MOVE TO PORTLAND. YOU'LL HATE IT'. ha!

Obviously, I'm just jealous. Not so much of living in the city, because I adore Kamilche and am a woods-dweller at heart. But I envy the energy of living amongst a larger community of artists, writers, and friends. For instance, my pal Heather Treadway.. a former tenant of the Dumpster Values/Phantom City studio hive, and now a thriving Portlander. Her company, Paperdoll Fashion, is debuting their Spring '08 collection! And lookee here, what's this?

It's the Pyramid Triangulator jacket! My dreams of being a textile designer (these are recent dreams, ever since Heather suggested a collaboration) have come to fruition! I drew a bunch of pyramids, Scott made a screen, and Heather built this incredible, pocketed masterpiece. You can find it here.

This is just the beginning of my foray into a heiroglyphic-based obsession, a revival of the time in junior high when I used to wear one of those Egyptian cartouch necklaces from the imports store in Seattle. Yeah, I was that kid.