Thursday, July 24, 2008

Protector of the Kennel

Somehow I've ended up with 7 minions under my charge this week. Canine and feline, young and old. There's my usual crew of Otis, Rosebud, Olive, and Ringo.. and now Salty and two cats that live in a treehouse down the road. Salty is my folks' dog, I sprung him from the pound 11 years ago and promptly handed him off to my parents (the wisdom of a 21-year-old is often short sighted, no?). The two cats, Sydney and Prosprgrlusr (I actually have no idea what this cat's name is, something that sounded vaguely like a mythological figure and/or a word I did not know, so I didn't ask my new friend Chad again, because I like to silently contemplate things before I reveal my lack of worldly knowledge; it's just the way I roll) live in this crazy compound that would be any off-the-gridders dream, the aforementioned young Chad lives there and builds canoes and kayaks in his spare time! And they actually look seaworthy! (The boats, not the cats).

Let's review the posse:

OTIS. Likes: haiku, earthworks, kittens, heavy brooding, pizza crusts, tall grass, mountains, snow, Tim Buckley, Thai Elephant Orchestra. Dislikes: riding in cars, most dogs, the UPS man, jokes at his expense.

ROSEBUD. Likes: sticks, balls of all shapes/sizes but especially basketballs, feralness, toys of any variety, snuggling, riding in cars, messy nests, flaps of things, yards, dirt, running really fast, video-game music, Fran├žois De Roubaix. Dislikes: dishtowels, hoses/spraybottles/rain, staying indoors, eating, things not involving playing.

OLIVE. Likes: food, gravy, butter, ice cream, sleeping, staring at the wall, lights, mellowness, psychedelic journeys, interiors, valium, food, Brainticket, early Floyd. Dislikes: fat jokes, exercise, spending too much time outdoors, meowing.

RINGO. Likes: men, killing, pituitary glands, dissection, being a 'bad-ass', fresh squirrel, meowing, looking pretty, running the show, taking care of business, warm organs, the thrill of the hunt, stretching/yoga, snuggling, Journey, REO Speedwagon. Dislikes: dogs (except Otis), staying indoors, sitting still, baths, litterboxes, stomachs (yuck!).

SALTY: Likes: men, JUSTIN, panting, chasing cats if he could, chewing his foot, panting, Clay Aiken, the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. Dislikes: arthritis, this stupid cone he has to wear because he can't stop chewing his foot.

As for Sydney and Progeria/Persepolis/etc., I haven't gotten to know them too well yet. Chad is gone for two weeks though, and from flipping through his record collection I suspect the cats are big fans of the Wu Tang Clan?