Monday, July 28, 2008

Rising Up to the Challenge of Our Rivals

The other day I had a spontaneous moment. Jennyrose said 'hey, how about doing a show here at my shop for fall artswalk?' and I said 'hey! why not? sure', and then about 26 hours later I started to panic, as I realized that I had exactly 8 weeks to paint 7 new pieces, frame them, make postcards, etc. etc. etc... and all I could think was:

'If I just keep drinking lots of coffee, and doing lots of yoga, everything will be fine. Coffee and yoga'.

And I felt much better. But I needed inspiration.. so I drove to the Mason County Fair. It's pretty adorable; small-time with lots of disturbing crafts and plenty of livestock. Plus Elephant Ears.

And there was this sheep, it looked just like my 'dog' Rosebud. I always knew she was some sort of interspecies mix, like an aardvark/kangaroo/bat.. but now I think I've found the missing link: she is definitely part sheep, with maybe a sprinkle of feral bunny as well.

In the Art Barn, there was plenty of inspiration/kookiness. This was my favorite, I call it 'The Weirdo'.

And this Picasso tribute, with pink cell phone: awesome. Then there were some pieces that were very Los Angeles This Past Year:

Plus some sort or recycling bin/packing tape crucifix:

And finally, the creepy Eye of The Tiger tribute:

Which, incidentally, was a song that could REALLY get me revved up when I was a kid. I think they made us do aerobics to it in P.E., right after doing squat-jumps to Neil Diamond's 'America'. Today!!