Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'm having a love affair.

It involves fruits, vegetables, and a certain somebody called The Juiceman.

This is the delicious concoction I whipped up yesterday: The Mr. Peabody. A nod to my favorite cartoon dog, and also to the shade of this lovely, lovely bev. One carrot, one apple, one celery stalk, one leaf kale, on chunk ginger, and a small lemon. YUM!

And if you're interested, that nice little woodland glass can be found here along with my favorite set of juice glasses, the 'Heroes of the Torah'.

And here's one of the letterpress prints I made for J.T. in honor of Valentine's Day.. a simple name round-up of our little fur family. I also made him a John Muir quote print, but I'll post that later..

And BIG NEWS! I'm finally back in the realm of music-making. I've been playing bass with my friends Craig and Kris, and it sounds AWESOME. Kind-of a spooky punk/surf vibe. Stay tuned!