Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mason County Style

Camp Kamilche -HEARTS- houseguests. There's nothing better than hosting pals for a few days of woods-walking, nature crafts, and lumberjack spotting. This week's campers?

Tamala and Paloma! Direct from Los Angeles. They seriously hit the Northwest Winter Weather jackpot.. sunny and magical all week long. With extra mystical fog rising off of the inlet for a cinematic touch:

Beauty! We drove into nearby Shelton for a day of thrifting.. and as seems to be the case whenever Tamala's in town, we actually scored amazing goods! I am now the proud owner of a beautiful homemade Log-Lamp. And we raided the crafting section, on a hunt for googly-eyes (which turned out to be in abundance), with the plan of crafting some nature pals back at home. Add a pinecone, a teddybear nose, and a bow-tie, and amazing things can happen..

Don't be scared of these little guys, they're good luck talismans!

Terrifying, but somehow adorable. We had to plug in the hairdryer for last-minute styling..

And then came the photoshoot:

Tamala and Cone-Tamala. The resemblance is stunning!

Paloma and her little buddy. With new glasses from the thrift!

And so, after much Otis-snuggling and the required trip to the Casino, we sent those two nuts back on the road. See you next time, Campers!