Thursday, August 30, 2007


My rad friend Tamala is visiting from Los Angeles, and today we soaked in the sights of tiny logging town Shelton, Wa. Aside from murals of logs and loggers, stacks of logs piled everywhere, and giant decorative stumps emblazoned with signs reminding us to 'Keep Washington Green', Shelton's got a pretty unbelievable thrift store scene. Case in point:

Am I the only one who thinks these might be the best found snapshots ever? I mean, homemade Snoopy costume!! Tamala bought a pretty red photo album and didn't even know the hidden treasure it contained inside. Homemade Snoopy Costume is totally getting framed for my wall, pronto.

And as if that weren't enough, I casually passed by a lady with a strange looking tattoo on her leg. I read the cursive banner: "Carol Burnett"!!!!

Me: Is that a Carol Burnett tattoo??!
Her: (casually) Yeah.
Me: Wow!
Her: (very casually) I got another one too. See?
She shows me her arm to reveal a second, unbelievable Carol Burnett portrait tattoo! Shelton is the best. I promise to post the tattoo pics when Tamala downloads them later tonight. Under the title 'No WAY!'