Thursday, August 16, 2007

Birthday in a Bread Bowl

See that guy in the middle? That's our old pal Brandt, aka BRANDTASY. Not only did he just finish his Masters in Teaching, he also turned 35! We needed to celebrate, Kamilche-Style..

Brandt was the first Unwound drummer, and the only Worst Case Scenario drummer. He also kept the beat in the Young Ginns. Brandt was my roomie at the infamous Olympia punk palace known as The Lucky 7 House. I can't even count all the amazing bands that have played in that basement over the years.

Pre-Casino spread.. olive tapenade, pesto gouda, and goat-cheese stuffed dates (thanks Amanda!)

The whole plan was to go to the amazing fresh seafood bar at the Casino and ingest vast quantities of dungeness crab, mussels, and oysters. But the bar was flooded! We moved on to the classier sit-down restaurant, where the waitress revealed tonight's special: Lobster Penne in a Bread Bowl. Really, in a Bread Bowl?? Yup, pasta in a Bread Bowl. And of course, we had to dress up the Bread Bowl with little shrimp-tail eyes, a spinach tongue, and then proceed to make him talk. Real mature.

This is a photo of two men in their mid-30's, high-fiving across the table with their Bread Bowl lids.

Could the night get any more overindulgent? Oh yes.