Sunday, August 5, 2007

Word Up

This is what a ROTTEN BANANA looks like:

When you play Bananagrams and shout 'BANANAS!' or 'I win', it means you are the winner: you are confident that you have beat all the others in the 'bunch' by making delightful, ACCURATE, anagrams. Amanda (our visitor this week from Los Angeles) declared 'Bananas!' and perhaps even gloated a bit about her win, until we inspected her words further. She had great words like 'gleaners' and good words like 'cribs', but then Justin and I noticed:

1. SOG
3. VUE

Girl, Puhleeease! The first being some sort of unknown water-logged condition, the second appearing as a word of science, and the third a model of Saturn cars and perhaps a band.. we had a dictionary challenge on our hands! Sure enough, these words do not exist, and not only did Amanda have the shame of being labled as the Rotten Banana, she had to wear the Rotten Banana hat as further punishment.

On a side note, since I mentioned Bananagrams on my blog a few days ago, this little game in the yellow pouch has sold out at Oly's local specialty toy shop. The power of bloggggs!!