Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sack of Fun

Sometimes when you spend large quanitites of days and nights with one person, you experience those moments I like to call 'Psychic Mind-Melds®'. Case in point:

Somehow we both managed to return home yesterday with large plastic bags filled with chocolate maltballs and double-dipped peanuts, from the same bulk bins at the same grocery store. The only difference? Waste-conscious Trosper opted to forgo the twisty-tie.

In less delicious news, look at this crazy slug he came across in the wilderness! Albino? Or just pale?

And on another totally unrelated topic, for those of you in the local area, J.T. and I will be playing records at the QB Lounge tonight: enter the Fun Sack©, a night of punk/soul/reggae/pop/garage/and maybe especially talented singing parrots. 10 pm! We'll be the ones wearing headlamps.