Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I'm living a double life. And it rules!

The daytime belongs to painting and nature adventuring.. J.T. and I went down to the beach at low, low tide and did some specimen identification for the Kamilche Natural History Guide to Everything:

That's one sexy amateur biologist. Check out those legs! Justin is already sporting what might be called 'Community College Science Professor Shorts'.. trendsetter.

Here we have the Oregon Beach Crab,

And some kelp known as Fucus. Those little puffy things are called bladders! You learn something new everyday. This little guy was hanging out on the beach trail.. can you see him?

Pacific Tree Frog. I discovered that I am scared of frogs, judging by my rapid heartbeat that took over when it hopped out onto the walking path.. there's something about all that erratic jumping that I find unsettling. And speaking of erratic jumping:

Here comes the night! Downtown at the Sisters/Sex Vid/Thrones show. The pit was going off for Sex Vid.. they're really good. Judd, the singer, has all that pent-up anger/frustration that comes with being the Record Store Guy. He really lets it rip!

Joe Preston took us to beard-land with his heavy, heavy jams. Stacks of cabinets, a rumbling force of low-end, and millions of pedals. All wielded by such a nice, soft-spoken man with a tiny white bass.

Across the street, The Old Haunts were playing a dueling show! Basically, in Olympia you can't throw a rock downtown without hitting an awesome show, a vietnamese restaurant, or a seagull. I grew up here, and after living in Los Angeles, I didn't really think I needed to come back. But I'm enjoying it.. the slowness, the freaks, the beauty of the Puget Sound. It's a good place to get a lot done.