Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Up on a Cloud

According to Dead Moon's wikipedia page, Fred and Toody Cole are building a shopping center in Clackamas! I can already see it: the Tombstone General Store, Fred's Belt Buckle Emporium, House o' Boots, Aunt Toody's Old Tyme Medicine Shoppe, and the Cole Family Fun Center (complete with with one of those olden-days shooting galleys, the kind where when you hit the piano-player puppet guy he starts pounding away at 'The Entertainer').

And when they're not occupied with the whole land-development thing, the world's most rockingest grandparents are busy making a whole new band:

Pierced Arrows! Huh? I still don't get the name, but it totally doesn't matter.. all that matters is that:


And Toody!

Are still doing what they do best.. playing songs that sound like Dead Moon: Straight-ahead rockers with Fred's banshee wail and Toody's tenderness. A little history for those out of the whole Cole Family loop: Fred started putting out records at the age of 16 in 1964, with all kinds of bands: The Lords, Deep Soul Cole, The Weeds aka the Lollipoppe Shoppe (during which time he met Toody, fell in love, and married in 1967), Zipper, King Bee, The Rats (with Toody now playing bass), Western Front and then onto Dead Moon. They lived in the Yukon for a while as homesteaders! And this past Sunday, they came to Olympia to debut Pierced Arrows to a typical Northwest crowd:

Keeping it so real!