Thursday, August 9, 2007

Stuff n' Stuff

The Kamilche scene has been heavily guest-infested in the past few weeks, and we like it that way! Last night we got a quickie visit from Sara Lund-erpants and her hubby Aaron: we grilled oysters, made cocktails with fresh mint from the garden, got our Bananagrams on, and discussed the weirdness/radness of this bizarre Unwound fan video (warning: strobe lights and cardboard standies dominate).. I decided that what with the revolving-door of visitors we have at our little cabin, I should make some sort of souvenir for each guest. I also finally took a letterpress intro workshop at Community Print, the amazing co-op that is housed beneath my painting studio.. and look what I made!

A place to jot down your nature observations.. i.e. 'Ate blackberries. Nearly stepped on jellyfish. Met large white spirit coyote, the Great Otis'.

Then today, after pizza and goodbyes downtown with the Lund-Beams, I headed over to headquarters to finish up some designs for new tshirts.. this process CMYK owl one is a fave:

Keep a lookout in September for that little number, a public-transport tee for babies, and a tattooless-pride type of shirt for those of us that have managed to remain uninked into our 30's (anyone else out there?). So much to do!