Sunday, August 12, 2007

Desperately Yours

Dear Northwest Summer:
It seems like you've been acting a bit weird for.. oh, maybe two months now. You used to be so warm and perfect, and now all you do is kind-of sulk and tease a bit and then retreat into a dull grey apathy. Is it just me? I remember all those perfect July/August days of years past; I used to wake up and say 'Yes! This is what I've slogged through 7 months of doom rain for! The perfect two months of brilliant blue skies and moderate temperatures!'.. now I simply check the sky and shake my head with a sad sigh. Is it the global warming? Are the glaciers melting so fast that the ocean is sending it's surplus water into the sky of the Puget Sound, to be dumped down on us as freak summer rain? Or maybe you're testing my loyalty.. seeing if I'll run back into the arms of Los Angeles' permanent summer. Never!
Come back to me. I need you.
Love Always,