Saturday, January 31, 2009

From the Desk of Miss U.

Oh bloggggg.. it's been so long! For no other reason than that I managed to parlay that whole post-holiday lazytimes jam into an entire month. But! I'm back in action.
First up:

I try to keep busy in the print shop. I just printed a batch of biz-cards for a tattoo-pal.. front and back, one by one. A nice way to spend a cold, rainy day.

And we went back to the mountain! I am slowly regaining some lost shredding skills. And am reminded of the fact that most people look like little kids when they put on this much clothing, which is why teenage boys accidentally try to flirt with me when we ride the chair. I actually told one young lad that 'my bones were too brittle' to join him in the terrain park.

Let's see.. what else?

Tamala is coming to visit on Monday! Direct from LA, ready to tackle the Shelton thrift scene with me. Good times!