Thursday, January 15, 2009


I love love love spending my day in the realm of graphic communications:

A screen I just burned. What will I make with it?? The possibilities are endless.

Zines to the maxx. I feel like I've sold a lot of these over the past few years, have any of you learned anything from it? I'd love stories.

And Devon's flyer is done! To the Olympia Party Safari peeps: Jesspo will be in town with Devon this weekend, watch out for wicked GOOD TIMEZ.

And lastly, a bittersweet report from the desk of Margaret: The P.T. Cruiser is offically dead. Which means I will never realize the fantasy of getting 'upgraded' at the Avis desk, only to have them drive out this golden dreamcruiser:

INCA GOLD, my friends. Inca Gold.