Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Stella Marrs, Olympia ex-pat and master of the graphic postcard since way-back-when, just emailed me to share this set of short interview clips with lady pals talking about Barbie-doll memories. Part of her thesis project. I've got a bit in it, along with Anna Oxygen (hilarious Barbie Bag Lady© jingle), Nikki Mcclure, Kanako Wynkoop and lots of other rad women. Check it out here!

I've been having some wicked adventure dreams lately. Early in the A.M. I had one where I was walking down the forest trail with the dogs, but entered an underground tunnel. Five wild animals were chasing me, but the one that could almost catch me was some sort of Wolverine-Ewok hybrid. Luckily I found a wooden door to pull shut in the nick of time!

All of my dreams are about houses, apartments, hotels, doors, and wild animals. Interpretations?