Monday, January 12, 2009

Handmade Weekend

Studio visit with Faythe Levine! Of the aforementioned Handmade Nation book tour..

.. seen here working the crowd at Orca Books with her RAD poncho. If you haven't already watched the trailer for the upcoming Handmade Nation documentary, check it out here. Massively inspiring!

So inspiring, in fact, that I jumped back in the letterpress studio this weekend and started Phase One of a flyer for my L.A. buddy Devon Williams' upcoming Olympia show:

Set the type.. check. (Ed. note: this crazy quick-and-dirty method of letterpress setup has also been known as 'Jazz Style'! I have no patience for doing things the super picky way.)

First round of printing.. double check. Today I'll go back in the studio and do a second color overlay, and then a third color for the border.

Oh! I also wanted to share some of the homemade gifts I bestowed upon Justin for xmas:

Gnarly Mountaineering Tea©! For the Old-Style Mountain Climber in all of us. I took photocopies of classic climbers and altered a box of chamomile teabags with these little laminated guys. It was a hit! Inspiration came from a post a while back on Design Sponge.

And some homemade t-shirts! I recently took a silkscreening workshop at Community Print, and made these designs with J.T. in mind. The first is a nod to our nautical 'hood, and the second is a totally nerdy geology joke, as in 'Don't take this gneiss chert for granite'! Oh man..