Friday, May 18, 2012

Diving In

....And I'm back!

That's right, I BEAT THE TOOTH! Advantage: Utter. I played the waiting game, and it worked (for now). No more exploding jaw/sinus/eyeball pain! All it took was a steady supply of ibuprofen and my own steely, grim determination. SO. Back to work. Painting this guy:

Its hard to tell by this picture, but that is a hollow, wooden surfboard built by hand by this legendary man, and its really quite beautiful all on its own. But I've been asked to deface it with paint (for an excellent cause), so here I go..

Step one: mask off the rails and dive in with an orangey-red. 

Step two: draw some vague waves. Surfers love waves! I actually have no plan for this board. I'm just starting with waves and going from there. That's how I roll when I paint.. very little preliminary planning. Although this uncouth method has backfired on me many times, I still gravitate towards spontaneity.

Day one, waves nearly complete. Next step? Hmmm. Need to walk in the woods and think for a bit. Stay tuned! And meet me in San Francisco on June 9th if you wanna hang!

ed. note: the only thing that is freaking me out is that this board is REALLY expensive. usually i paint on $5 paper! paul's boards are in museums. crazzzzzzzy.