Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hello There

Last evening turned out to be one of the most magical and weird nights I've had in a long time.. the kind of specialness that only happens when you combine things like: a casino out in the boonies, Cheap Trick, an incredible funk cover band (seriously! the horn section!!), the mason county freak scene, absolute minimal concert security, finding a drummer you thought you lost ten years ago, and a posse of friends you've known for almost 20 years that let you (I mean, me) be a total ecstatic jump-up-and-down-screaming-fangirl without judgement. With encouragement!

My piece of flair. Too bad Ringo peed on my Cheap Trick shirt years ago.. AND my Ace Frehely shirt! Bad cat. 

I'm not sure how to describe the 'locals' in Mason County. Lets just say they keep it extremely real, country-style. Things such as 'Hipness' and 'Looking Cool' are not on the radar. Its very refreshing!

Homemade inkjet iron-on transfers? Check!

So I lasted sitting in my assigned cheap bleacher seat for the first three songs.. song number three was He's A Whore, and that's when my inability to contain my complete enthusiasm broke new levels of ridiculousness. After observing that the staff security didn't seem to care where anyone sat, I just boogied right on down the middle aisle of the floor, right up to the front section, while they played an amazing rendition of Need Your Love. It was all very cinematic and surreal, with half of the audience sitting down! Right there in the front! So I jumped up and down and waved my hands in the air to make up for them.

Yes, Robin Zander is wearing a really weird Dream Police-meets-Sgt. Peppers sparkly leather outfit. It was a little alarming. But his voice is still SO GOOD he is allowed to wear whatever crazy ensemble he wants! He apparently also has two children named Robin, odd.

My pal and neighbor Curtis met RZ in the parking lot later (the band was most likely on their way to an after-show pizza party) and got the palm-autograph pictured below. He has a lot of tattoos, including some Doc Dart homages, and is getting this inked today. Wow! Bold.

Thank you Kamilche! Thank you Cheap Trick! Fell apart, broke my heart, need your lah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahve. Man, Rick Nielsen wrote some jams. Some of the best and strangest power pop!