Thursday, June 26, 2014

Face broke/off/whatever

I consider myself an optimist. I mean, I'm a Virgo! So maybe I'm just reaching for optimism, but goddammit if I'm not gonna give that 110%! If I work and practice and work and practice, I'm gonna be GREAT (humbly, of course) at being positive.
Trauma's a real beast. Physical trauma is an interesting dog. I am almost healed from a severe hematoma, aka The Ugliest Black Eye ever, and now I broke my face again. Its perhaps no biggie: broken nose (my 3rd, the other two from being a kid). But I can't breathe right and have an even uglier flatenning/bigger bump. And it HURTS. Black eye looked awful but didn't hurt after the initial whack.. this one just throbs and calcifies into a bigger uglier mutant scar. Vanity is just that; my poor face. This is something different. A nagging depression that you're owed you're comeuppance from the universe. Why so many endless harsh lessons after lessons?
I'm lucky. I love my little family. I get to paint for a job. My friends are my greatest allies/mentors. But injury post injury, it is a drag. It just started pouring June rain as I typed this, my wishes answered, luck after all.